While grief is normal and natural, most of the information we hear about dealing with grief is incorrect such as: time heals all wounds; don’t feel bad; grieve alone; replace the loss; or keep busy.

We offer families comprehensive bereavement support and grief counseling to help them with the grieving process.
As part of our commitment to providing MORE, we offer complementary access to The Grief Recovery Program. It helps people “move beyond” the pain caused by loss. It is a program led by an ExpectCare Specialist. It creates a safe environment for participants to examine old beliefs about dealing with loss; what other losses have affected their lives; and explore new actions that can ease the pain of a loss.


In order to celebrate the lives of our patients, several types of memorial services are available. These services include butterfly releases, balloon releases, tree lighting ceremonies or moments of silence. Families are invited to attend these services.

The Programs at ExpectCare have one philosophy - more.

Expectmore programs were eveloped to ensure every patient receives the care they deserve…

more support, more time, more attention.