Culturally Sensitive Care

Cultural Competence in Hospice Care

America’s population is becoming more diverse. As this happens, the need for cultural competence in hospice care continues to increase.

Most of our services are provided in our patients home so it is very important for the hospice care team to recognize important differences in clients, embrace them and create a care environment that is sensitive to the family’s unique needs. ExpectCare embraces the challenge of creating a hospice care team that is aware of cultural differences and accepting of the unique goals and values of each patient we work with. We work together to create a dignified end of life experience that always keeps cultural competency in mind.

What is Cultural Competence in Hospice Care?

Cultural Competence is not only an acknowledgement of each patient's cultural, religious and spiritual beliefs but it's also a critical component in ensuring that all patients receive the highest quality of care. Culturally competent caregivers value the things that make us different. In the hospice setting, a culturally competent nurse will seek out information about the patient’s end of life beliefs, thoughts on dying and views regarding end of life concerns. These things will then be incorporated into the plan of care to help ensure that the patient feels valued and dignified in the final stage in life.

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