Watch Program

We have a special program created to monitor a patient's developments through multiple daily visits. Through our unique staffing model, we have the ability to see patients virtually every day. With a higher level of patient contact, our staff can better identify an increase or sudden decline in a patient's condition. The watch program was developed to ensure every patient receives the care they deserve. Because an ExpectCare staff member is present several times throughout the the day, we can better recognize when the passing of a patient may be imminent. At that point, we exhaust every effort to stay by their side. This intense level of care was developed so we can be there when patients and families need us most. Out Watch Program has enabled us to consistently exceed the national average for being present with out patients and families at the time of passing....something everyone values.


Waymaker Program

The mission of the Waymaker program is to honor and improve the lives of our patients and families that we serve to provide comfort and hope while giving God all the Glory in every opportunity. Whether a patient needs an air conditioner to rest comfortably at home or help purchasing school supplies and groceries, ExpectCare can assist with life essentials, through the Waymaker program.


Veterans Program

ExpectCare recognizes the sacrifices out Veterans have made and believe we owe a debt of gratitude for the security they have provided by defending our nation. We also understand the traumatic effects war can have on Veterans and the feelings it can produce. Some are affected so strongly that they are unable to live normal lives; and some may not experience any symptoms until they approach the end of life. To better care for these patients, the ExpectCare staff and volunteers partner with a local nonprofit to provide the best care possible for Veterans.

Additionally we have developed a Veteran Recognition Program to acknowledge our Veteran patients by providing a certificate and honorary presentation.


Music & Memory Program

Words of Wisdom and Music Memories from the heart.

Pet Therapy

Hospice pet volunteers visit patients offer a welcome distraction from illness. Our volunteers also can help our patients by walking dogs when scheduled in advance.

Grief Recovery Program

We offer families comprehensive bereavement support and grief counseling to help them with the grieving process. As part of our commitment to providing MORE, we offer complementary access to The Grief Recovery Program. It helps people “move beyond” the pain caused by loss. It is a program led by an ExpectCare Specialist. It creates a safe environment for participants to examine old beliefs about dealing with loss; what other losses have affected their lives; and explore new actions that can ease the pain of a loss.

As part of ExpectCare’s Grief Recovery Program, we offer Bereavement support to our patients families for 13 months after the loss of their loved one. Our bereavement specilaists are expertly trained to handle grief issues. It is often important to hospice patients to know that their family will be cared for in the emotional time just after death. Providing this support is always a part of our care plan and makes hospice unique among other health care providers.