Meet the Team


About Us

ExpectCare is owned by the Osborn family who reside locally in the Birmingham area. Through God’s guidance, our owner’s vision and the dedication of our team members, we have formed the company into what it is today – a mission focused on providing quality care, patient and caregiver satisfaction, and a positive company culture. We offer a collection of senior care services which includes: Personal Care, Palliative Care, Charity Care and Hospice Care.

Our Mission

At ExpectCare, we apply our mission of glorifying God by serving our patients, families and the community. As a faith-based organization, we seek to exceed the expectations of those that we serve each day by providing compassionate quality care through guiding biblical principles. You can expect MORE at ExpectCare.

Message from the Executive Director

“While I am grateful to lead the direction of this incredible mission as Executive Director, ExpectCare belongs to every one of us – our patients, families, volunteers, supporters, and of course, our phenomenal staff. Our dedication to you and your loved ones during your time of need is our primary focus and we strive to exceed your expectations every day.”
- Shannon Cook


Shannon Cook - Executive Director

Responsible to strategically direct the organization toward growth and toward meeting patient/family and community needs, while directing all operations of day to day business

Melissa McCombs - Controller

Melissa is responsible for all financial policy and programs in our agency and is a key member of the management team

Jennifer Seigler - Human Resources

Responsible for providing administrative support ensuring efficiency and accuracy in the new hire process and daily functions of the HR Department

Riley Stoneback - Receptionist

Kywanniee Stuckey - Manager of Care Coordination

Kywanniee is responsible for day to day coordination of services for all care team members

Courtnay Dunn, RN - Clinical Director

Primarily responsible for organizing and overseeing the clinical care team and programs at ExpectCare

Destiny Jay, RN - Director of Nursing

Destiny is responsible for ensuring we are providing the highest quality of care to our patients and families at ExpectCare, as evidenced by patient satisfaction and survey organization reports, as well as performance improvement efforts

Rochelle Ledbetter, RN - Quality Assurance

Responsible for helping analyze data integrity and consistency of documentation and assessment processes

Ellen Blair - Billing

Responsible for helping create and complete accurate billing and collections of all claims submitted for payments to Medicare and commercial insurance health care programs

Brooke Jenkins - Accounts Payable Manager


Dr. Carol Johnson

Dr. William Kirby

Dr. Stirling Shirah

Dr. Ronald Orso


Paige Landry, RN - Sales Director

Lance Lee - Selling Area Manager

Missy Montz - Community Educator

Tracey Denton - Community Educator

Care Team

Emme Lawrence, CNA

Delores Hill, LPN

Donna Mullen, RN

Lauren Reynolds, RN

Lauren Batton, CNA

John Adams - Chaplain

Angie McCullough, LPN

Jennifer Norris, CNA

Bailey Skinner, RN

Lindsey Stephens, RN

Gwendy Starkey, CRNP

Kesa Berry, RN

Lori Banes, RN

Janita Jackson, CNA

Andrea Pitts, RN

Davida Flint, CNA

Chad Sentell - Chaplain

Shekitha Sanders, RN

Shelli Cuppet, RN

Laura Tucker - Social Worker

Ella Davis - Social Worker/Chaplain

Deborah Sullivan, CNA

Danielle Lingo, CRNP

Kaitlin Wood, CNA

Lori Philips, RN

Lakelyn Fortenberry, CNA

Amy Dispennette, RN

Rayshundra Wingfield - Social Worker

Valerie Wininger, RN

Shannon Fagan, CRNP

Clint Moon - Chaplain

Haley Vise - Social Worker

Susan Hutchens, RN

Jacqueta Johnson, LPN

Heather King, RN

Maya Carter - Clinical Support Specialist

Tiffany Anderson - Bereavement/Volunteer Coordinator

Catherine Granata, RN

Brittany Boyd, CNA

Not pictured:


Josh Smith, RN

You can expect More at ExpectCare.
More support, More time, More attention.