The Programs at ExpectCare have one philosophy - expect more.

We find ways to spend more time with patients and families; and developing ideas to help them get the most at the end of life. ExpectCare’s patient-to-staff ratio is among the best in hospice. We will be by your side when you need us most.

We are dedicated to giving you and your family more right now by offering patient care and hospice services you expect like administering medication along with ones you may not expect like light housekeeping and legal documentation.

Our commitment to patient care is best exemplified by our expectmore program. Expectmore was developed to ensure every hospice patient receives the care they deserve…more support, more time, more attention.

How does it work? Through our unique staffing model, we have the ability to see patients virtually every day. With a higher level of patient contact, our staff can better identify an increase or sudden decline in a patient’s condition.